The faster you drive,

the farther ahead

your headlights

should shine.



“We live in such interesting times”.

Each week brings new bulletins for agile robotics, miraculous materials, customized wonder-medicine and mind-blowing computing power! But often these messages of technological breakthroughs are accompanied by unsubstantiated claims about the great future that awaits us.

In a rapidly changing world, how do you distinguish hype from the real changes?

When you cannot predict the future, how can you make sound and sustainable decisions?

Well, I am glad you asked!


What you can do is unfolding multiple futures and let your actions today make one option more likely than the other.

Tomorrow is created today.

I offer a spotlight to illuminate which actions to take now in order to make a desired future more certain.

Together we co-create scenarios and extrapolations into the future, so you can make the right decisions today.

You bring your insight and I provide the framework and the tools.


    • The Future of Schools
    • Accelerating Technology
    • Inline/Recycle: The New Consumer


    • Unfold the future in 3-4 scenarios...
    • ...using state-of-the-art methods


    • Learn what new technology can do for you
    • Get a futures landscape for your organisation
    • Get a service check on your futuring abilities



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  • education
  • scenarios
  • retail
  • technology
  • analysis


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